TypingClub School Edition is the most popular keyboarding software used in schools around the country.

Free vs. Pro Edition

TypingClub School Edition is available in both a free and pro version. When you sign up, you can choose a free 60 day trial of TypingClub's Pro Edition, or you can get started with the free edition. After the 60 day trial period, you can purchase the Pro Edition for your desired number of licenses, or continue with the free edition.

Free Edition Pro Edition
# of Students Unlimited As Licensed
# of Classes 3 Classes Unlimited
# of Instructors 2 Instructors Unlimited
Activity Data Retention 30 Days As Licensed
Create/Customize Lessons
Typing Tests
No Advertisements
SSL Security
Multi-School Management
Priority Support
Guaranteed Response time and Uptime
Attempt Playback
Advanced Reporting
iPad app
Custom agreement (DPA, COI) ✓ *

* There is a separate fee associated with custom data privacy agreements, custom contracts or COI. Please contact us for more details.


Use the following price calculator to estimate your license cost:

Number of Licenses:
Please specify the number of annual student licenses you would like to purchase (20 license minimum). This is the number of students that you anticipate will be using TypingClub during a one year period.
Number of Years:
Please specify the number of years you want to purchase your annual licenses for. There are additional discounts applied if you purchase your licenses for more than one year.

Ordering Information

Purchase order

Please make sure to include the login URL for your portal on your purchase order. If you don't already have a quote, you can generate one here.

Download our W-9 Form

Credit Card

To order online via credit card, sign up for a free account and login to your admin account. Once you are logged in, click the billing section on the left. Then click the "Purchase Licenses" tab.

Formal Quote

To get a formal quote, use the following form or contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trial period?

The Pro trial period is 60 days. If you need more time to evaluate the software, please let us know by creating an internal ticket or emailing us at

What happens to my account after the 60 days trial period?

After the trial period ends, your account automatically changes to the Free Edition. We will not remove any of your information. Your students can still sign in, and continue working with the site. The only difference is the Free Edition's limitations will apply to the account.

Can I order less than 20 licenses?

TypingClub's Pro School Edition starts at $99.80 for one year and includes up to 20 student licenses.

Is there multi-year pricing available?

There is a 10% and 15% discount respectively for 2 year and 3 year subscriptions.

How do I purchase my licenses?

You can find ordering information in your account's billing section. Please sign into your account and look for the "Billing" link from the left navigation.

Should I purchase my licenses now, or wait for my trial to end?

Your remaining trial period will be added to the duration of your licenses. So, if you have a month left to your trial, and purchase a one year plan, your licenses will be good for 13 months.

How do I set the effective start date for my purchased license to a future date?

Once you purchase your licenses, please contact us with your desired start date, and we will adjust it for you

Please direct your questions to and one of our staff will get back to you.