Scoreboard and leaderboard

Scoreboard is one of the motivational tools featured in edclub's School Edition. It allows students to view each others' scores and try to outperform each other to grab the highest spot. If you prefer that students focus on their own individual performance instead, you can turn the scoreboard off.

How do teachers manage the scoreboard?

To turn on/off the scoreboard, go to the Classes Your Class Settings. In the section titled Scoreboard Visibility, select your preferred behavior. To save your changes, click Update Settings at the bottom of the screen.

How do teachers monitor the scoreboard?

The scoreboard is a powerful tool that allows you to simultaneously view important details about all of your students. On one page, you will see every student's star count, total practice time, average accuracy, average WPM, overall progress, and other details. To access the scoreboard, go to Classes Your Class Scoreboard.

Notice: The teacher view of the scoreboard is available even if the scoreboard is turned off on the student view.