edclub uses a set of terms that are important to understand. If there's any term you've found to be unclear, please refer to the glossary below.

Attempt Each time a lesson is completed, it is counted as one attempt. Several attempts can be made on any given lesson.
Accuracy Accuracy shows the final accuracy, taking into account all corrections made during typing practice. This value is generally higher than the real accuracy.
Real Accuracy This is the raw, uncorrected accuracy. Even if the use of backspace is allowed, this value shows the percentage of text that was typed without any mistakes in the first place.
Coverage Keyboard coverage refers to the percentage of keys that have been learned and are continuously typed correctly.
Course A collection of lessons which can be assigned to a class.
Perfect Score The perfect score can be achieved by typing at approximately 2.5 times the lesson's WPM goal with near perfect accuracy.
School Code The first part of your school's unique URL (example: if your login URL is, your school code is schoolname).
Class Code A unique code which will allow students to join an account and/or enroll in a specific class. The class code can be found on the overview of your class.
WPM Measurement of your typing speed with a word standardized as 5 keystrokes.
License Each student's profile is one license. Licenses are transferrable throughout the contracted time frame.
Speed Goal The ideal speed at which you should type the lesson. If the speed goal is reached along with the accuracy goal of 100%, all five stars are earned.
Permissions Administrative rights that can be assigned to an unlimited number of instructors. TypingClub offers admin, school admin, and teacher level roles. Additional settings can be chosen on a per-instructor basis.
Portal URL Your unique TypingClub URL,
i.e. This is where all teachers and students associated with your account must go to log in.
Total Time Overall time spent including lessons, games, and videos.
Typing Time Time spent typing. Does not include games, videos, and story time.
Learning Time Time spent on videos and lessons that introduce new keys.
Partial Attempts An attempt that was restarted or quit before completion. Partial attempts are not tracked by default. This can be turned on in Settings.