Grade-level typing

Recommended grades: 1 - 12

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The grade-level typing courses are thoughtfully designed to teach touch typing through cross-curricular standards-aligned content, instructional videos, educational games, and other interactive experiences. Each course contains over 700 lessons. The length of the lessons and the WPM goals are carefully designed to match grade-level expectations. Each course begins with the basics, teaching each row of the keyboard to build the proper muscle memory. Built-in placement tests are available for all levels above grade 1. These standards-aligned courses provide extensive typing practice in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Below you will find a list of helpful resources associated with our grade-level courses.

Grade-level Typing Lesson Index
Use this table of contents to review lesson objectives for each grade level.

Grade-level typing standards

The cross curricular content in our grade-level typing courses align with various state-specific standards, as well as ISTE, Common Core, and NGSS. You can learn more about the specific areas of alignment in the documents below..

Grade Level Typing | Common Core, ISTE, and Other Standards Grade Level Typing | New York State Grade Level Typing | Florida


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