Distance learning

Many of you have found yourselves in a unique situation where in-person instruction is no longer an option. During this time, it is even more important to help students become efficient when using technology. We have prepared some helpful resources to ease the transition into the increasingly digital era that we find ourselves heading towards.

How can I set up student accounts remotely?

If you're setting up an account of up to 300 students, you may either enter your students' information individually or use our CSV template to upload all of your students' data in the Students section of your account. If you're using a third-party integration like Clever or ClassLink, your account administrator should ensure that your sync is up and running. You can find detailed information on account setup in our user guide.

How do I share the login credentials with my students?

To send an email to each student with their individual login instructions, you must make sure that your students have email addresses associated with their accounts. Then, go to Classes Your Class Students Select All Email Students Send. This feature will send a personalized email to each student in a single click.

Can my students join my class with a class code?

Yes, you don't have to manually enroll each student. If your students already have their login credentials and you simply want them to join your class, provide them with the class code located in the overview of your class. If your students don't have accounts yet, they can follow the same steps - after entering their class code, they'll be prompted to create their login credentials. This is a simple way to allow students to participate in your class. After students have finished creating their login credentials, ensure that they always go to your specific school URL (i.e. school.typingclub.com) to log in. If students return to the 'Join Class' URL after this process, they may accidentally create duplicate profiles.

How do I monitor students' participation?

For a quick overview, you can utilize the status indicators next to each student's name. Ideally, all indicators would be green which means students have been active in the past 30 days. You can also review the Live Activity Feed to monitor students' progress live. Finally, you can review any of the reports in your class to see your class's progress. The Course Progress Graph is one of the most insightful reports to monitor overall progress in your class.

Can I put students' progress to a test?

TypingClub Premium Edition allows you to create custom typing tests. Head over to the Typing Tests section of your account and utilize one of the templates, or create your own personalized test. You can open the test for specific time periods and include custom instructions.

How do I ensure students work at a similar pace?

Making all lessons accessible often leads to students jumping around and not following the pattern needed to master each key. By default, your Class Settings will prevent students from jumping ahead. Instead, students are required to complete lessons in order, unlocking new lessons as they go. You do have the option to enable jumping ahead in your Class Settings. On the other hand, if you would like to restrict the total range of lessons your students have access to, you can do so by going to your class's Assignments tab, selecting the Course Options, and using the Limit Lesson Progress function

How do students stay accountable?

You can set daily and weekly goals for each class in your Class Settings. The time goals appear on students' main dashboards as circles that fill up each time they practice. The visual indicators help students stay on track and put in exactly as much time as needed. Note that we log practice time only when keys are being actively pressed, so staying idle on the screen won't count towards practice time.

Can I supplement the main curriculum with other activities?

Absolutely. Our resource center offers many downloadable PDFs to reinforce the skills learned online. Students can download the worksheet and turn in the completed assignment to you via email.

What type of curricula can I assign?

The Courses section of your teacher portal features a list of courses available to you. Keep in mind that the course selection may be limited by your school or district administrator. If your individual account allows it, you can create your own custom courses from scratch.

How do I assign a placement test?

Instead of starting from lesson one, more experienced students may benefit from taking a placement test. The placement test will unlock skills that students are already proficient in, allowing them to skip to the part that is relevant to them. You can find detailed information on the Typing Jungle Placement Test here.