Create typing tests

Typing tests allow you to monitor your students' performance in a timed examination where they have to type large quantities of text. This presents an alternative to the short lessons and can help prepare students for standardized tests like the Common Core.

  1. Go to Typing Tests tab and click + Add Test.

  2. Give the test a name and a brief optional description.

  3. If you'd like to limit how long the test will remain available, choose your preferred start and end date.

  4. Insert the text that students are required to type. You can use one of the text templates, edit them, or create your own text. You can also add alternative text options - this is a great option if you expect your students to take the test more than once. Every time they attempt the test, they'll be presented with a new piece of text.

  5. Select who should take the test. You can choose to make the test available to all students in your account, in your school, or assign it only to select students.

  6. Choose how many times the test may be taken.

  7. Set an optional time limit on the test.

  8. Set the passing requirements:
    • You can choose to pass everyone who attempts the test regardless of their performance.
    • You can set minimum passing criteria in terms of speed and accuracy.

  9. Optionally, choose to disable backspace. This option will prevent students from using the backspace to correct their mistakes.

  10. Optionally, choose to issue certificates of achievement. If you don't set any minimum passing criteria, all students will be issued a certificate upon finishing the test regardless of their performance. If you set minimum criteria for speed and accuracy, only students who meet that criteria will be issued a certificate. Please note that certificates must be turned on prior to students taking the test. We are unable to issue certificates retroactively.
  11. Click Create Test to save the test.