Login help

Why can't I log in?

In order to sign in, teachers and students must first go to their unique school login URL (www.schoolname.edclub.com). Trying to sign in by going to the main TypingClub login page (www.typingclub.com) will not work for school accounts.

What is my school's login URL?

Every school account has a unique URL in the form of schoolname.edclub.com. The "schoolname" part should reflect your school, class, or teacher's name.

How do I log into the iPad app?

The iPad app is available only for students using the School Edition. On first login, students will be prompted to enter a school code. Once we find your school, you can log in with your credentials. The iPad app is for students only.

What is my school code?

The school code is the first part of your school's unique login URL. For example, if your school login URL is https://schoolname.edclub.com, then your school code is schoolname.

What's my password?

Teachers who forgot their password can use the password reset link provided underneath the username/password fields on the school's login page. Students who forgot their passwords can either reset it (if admin allows it), or reach out to their teacher.

How do students log in with Google, Facebook, or Microsoft 365?

If these single sign-on options are turned on and students' email addresses are provided, teachers don't have to create new passwords. Once on their portal's login page, students will simply click their preferred SSO option, enter their email address and the password associated with it. These third party passwords are neither needed nor stored by edclub.