Class-wide difficulty level

Adjusting the lesson difficulty for the class means adjusting the difficulty of individual courses assigned to the class. The difficulty level of Typing Jungle, our default typing course, is designed to progressively increase as students progress through the course. The minimum speed goal starts at 3 WPM and, over the course of over 650 lessons, the goal increases to a challenging speed of 75 WPM. If you feel that the difficulty of the lessons does not match the skill level of your students, you can change the lesson difficulty in terms of accuracy and/or words per minute.

To quickly change the lesson difficulty, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Classes and click open your class.
  2. Click Assignments. You'll see an overview of all courses assigned to the class.
  3. Each course or assignment has a set of options that can be customized. You can adjust the difficulty of the course to have a higher or lower speed and accuracy requirement:

    • Adjust speed: To adjust the speed requirement for your class, input the adjustment value to increase or decrease the level of difficulty for your students. For example, if your current speed goal is 15 WPM and you'd like to raise it to 20 WPM, adjust the value by +5 WPM.
    • Adjust accuracy: The value set here will be the minimum accuracy required to pass all lessons in the course. The goal accuracy of 100% is implied.
  4. Click Update Options and you will see the new requirement reflected in the course overview.

Notice: This method allows you to adjust the passing requirements for your class without affecting any other classes. However, this method does not allow you to customize requirements on a per-lesson basis. You are simply increasing or lowering the difficulty level for the course as a whole.