Enroll students

Each student must be enrolled in a class in order to have lessons to work on. Depending on the method you choose to create your student accounts, this can be a one step process (Google Classroom, class codes, the Import/Update tool) or it can be a two-step process in which you add classes first and enroll students second.

Enroll students using Google Classroom

Rostering from Google Classroom will both create your student accounts and roster your classes in one step. If your students have already been added to your TypingClub account using their Google email addresses, it will enroll them in their classes.

  1. Go to Classes.
  2. Click Google Classroom.
  3. Click Get Started and log in to your Google account.
  4. Click the Import button for each class you'd like to import.

Allow students to enroll with class codes

You can allow students to enroll in your class using a class code. For more details, see our Class Codes article on the next page.

  1. Go to Classes and choose the class you want students to be able to join.
  2. Under Class Code, click the link that reads Enable Class Code.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen, generate a code, and share the class code or the URL with students.

Enroll students using the Import/Update tool

Create a CSV spreadsheet for each of your classes and import them using the wizard. Before finalizing the import, you can choose a class to enroll the students in.

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Click Add Student and then Import/Update Students.
  3. Open the tool and review instructions on how to format a CSV file containing your students' names and some identifying information. The following are the required fields for your preferred login setup:
    Google SSO: first name, email
    Username/Password: first name, username, password
  4. Click Choose File and upload your CSV file.
  5. Click Next to preview your roster.
  6. If you are a district administrator and you have added schools to your account, you can choose a school for the students here.
  7. Click Finalize Import. You will now see all of the students from your CSV file appear under the Students tab.
  8. Recommended: If you have imported a single class, you may enroll all students in a class you have already created. Although students can be enrolled in classes later, we recommend enrolling them right away so that they can log in and get to work.

Enroll from the Students tab

You can select multiple students by using the checkboxes and then click Enroll in Class at the top of the student list. Use this method if your students are already in your account and you only have a couple of classes to roster.

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Check the box next to each of the students that will be enrolled.
  3. Click the Enroll in a Class button.
  4. Select the appropriate class and save your changes.