About edclub

Based in Rockville, Maryland, edclub is a provider of online educational software for students of all ages. Our team of developers, designers, and content creators is dedicated to producing cutting-edge educational platforms for use inside and outside of the classroom. We are also a proud ISTE Seal of Alignment recipient.

edclub is a web-based and fully customizable educational platform. Students can learn in class, at home, or wherever an internet connection can be found. Students are already familiar with the layout of the program because the design is very similar to popular games. Each lesson provides instant, meaningful feedback that encourages students to continue practicing. You will be able to track your students' progress, assign tests, and customize your courses through the instructor portal.

In addition to our flagship product, TypingClub, we offer a wide range of courses, such as Jungle Junior, Digital Citizenship, Vocabulary & Spelling, and more. Our patented animated story typing lessons let students bring stories to life through typing. We also offer courses in a variety of different languages. We are constantly working to expand our course library, so we invite you to keep an eye out for new content in the future.

About TypingClub

TypingClub is the flagship product of edclub. Students will increase their typing speed and accuracy in a variety of different exercises. While speed is not the primary objective of keyboarding, it is a desired side effect. Once students are able to type with all ten fingers without needing to look down at the keyboard, their overall productivity when using a computer will improve dramatically. When typing with two fingers, the visual and frontal cortices of the brain are forced to focus on where individual keys are located. Keyboarding removes this burden, enabling students to work on things like sentence structure and grammar while they type. To help students in the classroom, the best thing you can do is to make sure students are not looking at the keyboard.

About Vocabulary & Spelling

Our Vocabulary & Spelling courses introduce students to a wide range of crucial reading and spelling tools, from syllabification and vowel sounds to sight words and word parts. Each level of the curriculum comprises 40 weeks of self-paced activities that help students expand their vocabulary and hone their new skills. Every word set is introduced with a short educational video, followed by definition slides, an original story, and a series of engaging activities focusing on vocabulary, spelling, or both.

Our program takes a comprehensive approach to teaching vocabulary and spelling. Words are introduced and then continually reinforced through a combination of activities that target different skill sets. Not only will students master the words provided to them; they will also learn to take the words apart and understand their parts. By learning to apply this knowledge to the world around them, students become faster, more accurate, and more independent readers.