Typing settings control

The student interface provides students with numerous ways to customize their learning experience. Students can select their preferred keyboard style, manage the virtual hand guides, adjust the font size, pick their favorite background theme, or even turn on the voice over. These settings are located at the top-right corner of the typing interface.

How do students access their typing settings?

To customize their experience, students can access their settings from a lesson view. Please note that not all lessons contain the settings bar. For example, a game or a video doesn't give students the option to customize their preferences.

How do teachers lock students' typing settings?

Teachers have the option to lock student settings directly from their teacher portal. To adjust student settings for a class, go to Classes Your Class Settings Typing. The preferences set from the teacher portal will be set for the entire class and won't be adjustable by students. For example, if you set the virtual keyboard to Show, your students will see the keyboard and won't have the option to hide it.

Tip: Keep in mind that settings that have been locked on the teacher side won't even appear on the settings bar on the student interface.